Heritage Journals  - Passing on the Heritage

    Heritage - Things which are passed on from one generation to the next.

     It's all about passing on the heritage of the outdoors to our kids.  The next generation is our future.  Our journals give them the lasting memories, and the stories of our times in the great outdoors.  Don't we owe that to them.

     It was 1804.  Lewis and Clark set out on their historic journey west.  We are proud to bring the outdoorsman a great line of journals.  Our journal line offers you an opportunity to hold in your hands the feeling of Heritage.  A 100% Handmade Journal.  Similar to the Lewis and Clark Journals.

  • All of our jornals are made by hand.
  • They are made from Top Grain Leather, cut and hole punched by hand..
  • Each page is torn by hand.
  • The paper is acid free and is sewn into a journal by hand with a waxed linen thread.  It won't break!
  • All of our journals are assembled one at a time to asure quality.
  • The Leather is available in Three colors.  Black, Tan, Brown.  Leather is a High quality 4 - 5 oz weight. 

       What really set our journals apart is what we offer on the inside.  The pages are formated for each type of journal. 

We offer Five (5) different Journals.  Each has it's own special cover page. 

  • The Photo Journal,  The Writing Journal,  The Lodge,  The Camp, and the Field Journal.

The Lodge, Camp, and Field Journals.  These are offered in Seven different models.  Hunting, Fishing, Waterfowl, Upland Bird, NEW Fly fishing, Salt water fishing, and Africa hunting.   Each model has a specific Cover page with a picture of the model.  Example - Hunting has a large Elk on the cover.  There is a personal info page, address pages for Family, friends, guides, shops, hotels, and more.



 Waterfowl / Upland birds
 Date  Date  Date
 Location  Location  Location
 Weather  Weather  Weather
 Moon phase  Moon phase  Area
 G.P.S.  Species  G.P.S.
 Terrain  Water conditions  Shotgun
 Weapon  Bait and Lure section  Type, Model
 Tag type  Gear  Bird taken


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