Titan 3D Leafy Gloves

Obsession - NWTF
Obsession - NWTFObsession - NWTFBreak-Up CountryBreak-Up CountryMossy Oak RIOReal Tree EDGEBreak-Up CountryReal Tree EDGE
Price: $19.95

Product Options

  • Lightweight Breathable No-See-Um Mesh Liner
  • Palm has a textured rubber grip
  • Elastic Spandex material stretches for a One Size fits all
  • 3D Leaves sewn directly to the outside Mesh
  • Two Sided Printing
  • GUARANTEE: We take pride in every item we sell. If you do not like this face mask return it no questions asked. What really matters to us is that our customers are happy !!
  • SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT – Made on a strong Breathable Stretchy No-See-Um Mesh Liner.  The stretchy material allows for a firm snug fit for a One size fits all.
  • DOES NOT SNAG OR PICK UP DEBRIS – Unlike traditional ghillie suits, the 3D leaves do not catch onto branches, pick up twigs or stickers.
  • SOFT LARGE DYNAMIC LEAVES. Our detailed deep leaf cuts make the leaves stand out more, giving you more depth in your 3D profile. We use a special material that produces a soft yet firm leaf. This causes the leaves to protrude more but also allows them to sway in the wind giving you additional dynamic camouflage, and with the two sided printing, when a leaves move, you are still concealed.
  • RUBBER GRIP – the palm of the gloves have rubber nubs, so you get a sure grip.

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